Innovative New Website Unveiled by ESPRIT CAD/CAM Software

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The new website is highly responsive across multiple platforms and devices

Innovative New Website Unveiled by ESPRIT CAD/CAM Software
Innovative New Website Unveiled by ESPRIT CAD/CAM Software

Immediate and Immersive Experience

"Our new website immerses visitors in the software - straight from the homepage," says ESPRIT's Director of Global Marketing and Communication, Cedric Simard. "Thanks to our educational videos, machinists can instantly experience ESPRIT software in action and witness its compatibility with machine tool brands from around the globe."

Intuitive and Responsive Design

Built with machinists and ESPRIT customers in mind, the website is available in nine languages and is responsive across multiple platforms and devices. The site features clear navigation for visitors in any manufacturing industry. Whatever their needs, machinists can access relevant information based on their industry, their machine tool, or the type of machining operation they want to perform.

Educational Content

The new website showcases ESPRIT's capabilities, especially in 5-axis, multitasking, wire EDM, and Swiss-style machining. In addition, product pages highlight ESPRIT's compatibility with machine tool builders, world-class customer support and factory-certified post processors.

Posted on February 2, 2016 - (189 views)
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