Intelligent Drive-Controller with EtherCAT and Safety

Best in class with integrated motion controller

  • Intelligent Drive-Controller with EtherCAT and Safety
    Intelligent Drive-Controller with EtherCAT and Safety

Technosoft introduces iPOS4810 MZ-CAT, a new class-leading drive controller equipped with a well-balanced package of advanced technological capabilities that can satisfy even the most demanding motion control requirements on the market.

Although small in size, the new iPOS4810 MZ-CAT drive is highly potent. It can be supplied with up to 50 VDC and can deliver up to 1200 W continuous and 2000 W peak power. 

It is a universal motor control solution and a true all-rounder. Thanks to its embedded, highly flexible MotionChip™ controller, it features advanced PLC functionality and supports a wide range of motor technologies, feedback sensors and communication interfaces. 

Its internal building blocks have been designed with performance in mind. Both control-loops and EtherCAT communication cycles are fast and accurate and can operate seamlessly at frequencies of up to 10 kHz. 

The new MZ-Drive leaves nothing to be desired, as every aspect of it has been carefully thought and implemented.