Label Printer with Industry 4.0 Connectivity

Fully automate PCB traceability in SMT lines

  • Brady's BradyPrinter A8500
    Brady's BradyPrinter A8500

Brady released the BradyPrinter A8500 that accurately prints and consistently applies even the tiniest 4mm x 3.18mm labels in 600 dpi on printed circuit boards. Through its fast processor and cycle time, it can keep up with the pace of SMT production lines. It can be installed anywhere along the production line and can receive label data from most company ERP-systems. OPC UA ready, it offers industry 4.0 connectivity as well.

Reliable PCB labels

Brady’s UltraTemp Series polymide labels are designed to identify printed circuit boards throughout their production process. It comprises the B-7727 polyimide PCB label developed for auto-apply applications. The label stays attached and remains legible in reflow, wave solder and board washing. It can resist temperatures up to 300°C and the powerful chemicals and cleaning processes used in PCB assembly.

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