LAN Data Acquisition Systems

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LAN Data Acquisition Systems
LAN Data Acquisition Systems

Breakdown monitoring, early fault detection, and quality improvement provide more safety. Measurement manufacturer bmcm faces the manifold demands in these fields by presenting reliable LAN measurement technology. The universal LAN data acquisition systems combined with the DAQ software NextView are ideal for mobile use or in rough environment. The compact 16-channel LAN data acquisition systems (e.g. LAN-AD16f, AMS-LAN16f) are placed close to the measuring point. They sample different measuring signals with up to 250kHz within the defined range (+/-1V, +/-2V, +/-5V, +/-10V) set for each channel separately. The measuring data of any number of devices are synchronized. Noise-free and in real-time they are sent via one network cable or WLAN to the connected PC/laptop showing the signals in the measuring software NextView. Safe data transmission is guaranteed by TCP/IP protocol. With the easy-to-use application software for data acquisition and analysis, measurements can be configured and realized in short time. Long-term measurements are periodically and gapless stored in succeeding files allowing access to the entire measurement for analysis purposes at any time. Using a trigger with prehistory is recommended for monitoring machines and facilities. In this case, data are only recorded if the measured values are beyond a defined normal range. The measuring data of the prehistory often provide useful information for error diagnostics. If required, actions, like turning of a machine, can optionally be set off in case of alarm.

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