Linux Support for USB- and Ethernet-based DAQ Devices

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Measurement Computing (MCC) has extended Linux support for its measurement devices

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Linux Support for USB- and Ethernet-based DAQ Devices
Linux Support for USB- and Ethernet-based DAQ Devices

Measurement Computing (MCC) has extended Linux support for its measurement devices. The latest release of the Universal Library (UL) for Linux now adds support to the most popular DAQ devices with Ethernet interface along with the broad range of USB-based DAQ devices.

E-1608 provides 8 analog voltage input channels at 16-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 250 kS/s, E-TC and TC-32 are temperature measurement device, which enable direct connection of 8 or 32 thermocouple sensors respectively. E-DIO24 finally adds 24 digital I/O control lines to test and measurement applications.

The open-source library UL for Linux allows C/C++ and Python programmers to use MCC DAQ devices with Linux. Extensive documentation and example programs are also provided, in addition to free technical support. UL for Linux is developed and maintained by MCC and available for free download at GitHub.

Posted on September 4, 2020 - (10436 views)
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