Low-Cost Temperature Measurements

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Direct sensor connection lowers cost and complexity of temperature-based data acquisition

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Low-Cost Temperature Measurements
Low-Cost Temperature Measurements

Direct sensor connection lowers cost and complexity of temperature-based data acquisition. Measurement Computing offers precise and cost-effective solutions for any application scenario. MCC 134 is a DAQ HAT module mounted on top of a Raspberry Pi, that provides 24-bit resolution and professional-grade accuracy for 4 thermocouples.

USB-TEMP enables DAQ for up to 8 TCs, RTDs, and thermistors for any Windows, Linux or Android based application. E-TC gives access to 8 thermocouples for Ethernet-based environments. WebDAQ 316 is an internet-enabled stand-alone temperature logger for remote monitoring of up to 16 thermocouples. Easy-to-use programming APIs and examples for C/C++ and Python, interfaces to DASYLab and NI LabVIEW as well as ready-to-run applications like MCC’s Windows data logger DAQami enable easy access to temperature data acquisition.

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