Master/Monitor Combinations

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Master/Monitor Combinations
Master/Monitor Combinations

A complete programme of components realises the connection from the field level - i.e. from the safety switchgear - to the higher-level control level. The user can thereby choose between "safety integrated" and "safety separated" control concepts. The new Schmersal system is based upon the comprehensive range of safety switchgear with integrated AS-Interface Safety at Work (AS-i Safety) interface. They can now be directly connected to higher-level control systems through different master-monitor combinations and Safety Gateways. In this way, the link between the field and the control level becomes a safety system. The machinery builder can choose between two system architectures. If he uses a safety control system, which is separated from the standard control system ("safety separated"), master-monitor combinations with different field bus interfaces, e.g. for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and ModbusTCP, are available. The entire safety logic is programmed in the safety monitors by means of the user-friendly ASIMON software. Non-safety-related signals are also transmitted through the master-monitor combinations and forwarded to the standard control system. In this way, comprehensive diagnostic-relevant information is available for instance in case of a failure or during the evaluation of the operating conditions of a machine. On the other hand, when the machine is equipped with a safety control system that processes both operational and safe signals ("safety integrated"), the system is a system solution made up of Safety Gateways. They have been designed for two AS-i circuits and transmits up to 60 safe inputs/outputs to the safety control system through a safe field bus. The operational diagnostic-relevant signals are also transmitted to the higher-level control system, where they can be accordingly evaluated. The safe signals can also be pre-processed in the Safety Gateway through the ASIMON software. The connection of the safety switchgear to the control level enables, amongst other things, the components to be mounted and installed quicker in the safety circuit. In addition to that, the occurrence of errors during the installation is almost completely excluded. Moreover, the configuration of the desired or required parameters is simplified, considering that it takes place through the AS-i safety monitor by means of the ASIMON software. From the point of view of the user, the system features the advantage that an installed system can be changed or extended at all times. This applies both to the extension with additional safety switchgear and the configuration of the switchgear (e.g. safety links, STOP category, filter times, etc.). The machinery builder or the user thus has a higher degree of flexibility and can adapt the safety functions to the requirements as needed. Schmersal offers the new system as a complete solution. In addition to different master-monitor combinations and Safety Gateways, which distinguish themselves both by the possibilities for the connection to the different field bus systems and the number of safety circuits and inputs and outputs, the range also includes, amongst other things, modules that enable safe rotary speed monitoring and power supply units as well as the necessary accessories such as bus distributors, bus cables and M12 connecting cables.

Posted on November 22, 2012 - (1461 views)
K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG
Möddinghofe 30
42279 Wuppertal - Germany
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Master/Monitor Combinations
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