Memosens and Liquiline

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for pH, conductivity and DO measurement

Sensor Technology

Memosens and Liquiline
Memosens and Liquiline

The Memosens digital sensor forms in combination with the Liquiline M transmitter a good solution for reliable pH, conductivity and DO measurement. Memosens allows process data to be stored directly in the sensor, guaranteeing interference-free measuring signals and simplification of the measuring technology. Via its inductive plug-in connection and bayonet lock, the sensor eliminates problems of moisture ingress, leakages and corrossion, thus offering complete galvanic isolation. The Liquiline M transmitter is available as a digital or analogue transmitter and has been designed for all standard bus systems such as HART, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION Fieldbus. When used in combination with Memosens technology, sensor specific data is transmitted between the sensor and the transmitter. Critical data is stored in the transmitter allowing simple commissioning with pre-calibrated sensors.

Posted on March 1, 2009 - (271 views)
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