MicroCal 20 DPC process calibrator

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MicroCal 20 DPC process calibrator
MicroCal 20 DPC process calibrator

MicroCal 20 DPC is an accurate, multifunction, 2-channel signal calibrator. It is a modular, compact, rugged system used to calibrate thermocouples, resistance thermometers, resistance, mA, voltage, frequency and pressure both in field work and in laboratory. Both channels can be set for simultaneous input: you can use the calibrator as a two channel high accuracy thermometer for TCs and RTDs certification. The high accuracy for signals (up to ±0.006% of rdg.) together with the high accuracy (±0.025% of F.S. with 6 digits resolution) of the pressure module inside the measuring range of –850mbar to 20bar makes MicroCal 20 a true multifunction calibrator. A large availability of external pressure modules and hand pumps, allows to extend the ranges up to 700 bar. A large graphical back lighted LCD display allows to display both the simulated signal and the measured one.

Posted on March 1, 2009 - (408 views)
Eurotron Instruments Spa
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20099 Sesto S.Giovanni - Italy
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