Mini Motors for Battery-Operated Power Tools

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Ultra EC technology drives performance

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Mini Motors for Battery-Operated Power Tools
Mini Motors for Battery-Operated Power Tools

Battery-powered tools have an operating profile different from other applications. At first, there's little resistance as the bolt threads in. A motor that operates at a faster free speed during this stage saves time and boosts productivity. When the tool performs the more forceful work of tightening, cutting or gripping, the need for torque becomes paramount. A motor that delivers higher peak torque can perform a wider range of tough jobs without excessive heating.

We understand how to make cordless tools operate more powerfully. That's why we created the Ultra EC™ motor platform - advanced motion solutions that maximize power & efficiency and improve user experience. These brushless slotless motors were engineered in Switzerland and utilize our patented U-coil technology; optimizing speed and torque in a compact package for the most challenging applications. Fasteners, grippers and cutting tools benefit from increased performance, lower weight and greater energy-efficiency.

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