Miniature LVDTs

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Accurate position feedback in robotic applications

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Miniature LVDTs
Miniature LVDTs

Suitable for providing displacement feedback in different robotic applications, Macro Sensors’ CD 375 Series miniature LVDTs can be used as an integral part of devices such as hydraulic actuators, servo valves, medical equipment and other small mechanisms. They have a 9.5 mm diameter and a lightweight core. Available in full-scale measurement ranges from ±0.63 to ±50.0 mm these AC operated linear position sensors offer a 50% larger core-to-bore radial clearance (0.305 mm) than similar sized competitive units.  Units feature high repeatability (an error of <0.01% of FSO), high resolution and high sensitivity consistent with the maximum linearity error of ±0.25% FRO. Environmentally robust, the contactless position sensors operate over -55 to +105 °C. Stainless steel housings and epoxy encapsulation protects them from environmentally hostile conditions and their external sealing meets IP 61. Interchangeable with most manufacturer units, the LVDTs operate with any conventional differential input LVDT signal conditioners. They are also suitable for applications having high dynamic response requirements such as ATMs, copy machines, plastic injection molding machines and automatic inspection equipment.

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