Multi-channel Controller

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Provides up to 72 digital I/Os

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Multi-channel Controller
Multi-channel Controller

Integrating a 5.7” 320x240 pixel back-lit color touch-screen TFT display and up to 72 digital I/Os,  Impress Sensor's CMC-141 Linux based multi-channel controller is housed in a compact enclosure with a panel insertion depth of 100mm. Providing the same functionality of the CMC-99, it includes a universal input card that can accommodate a range of sensor inputs. Also provided are counter inputs as well as additional flow and rate meter inputs. The controller comes with JAVA applets that can be embedded into any web page, allowing users to remotely access real-time data. All channel data can be recorded at 10Hz sampling rate. Internal data memory of up to 1.5GB is sufficient to continuously save data from all input channels at 1 sample/s for more than 2 months. The saved data can be downloaded by using a USB flash disk or remotely via Ethernet. Three card slots, each with 24 I/O pin options, enable the user to choose any combination of I/Os to suit an application. For example, up to 72 analogue current or voltage inputs could be used; up to 36 relay/SSR outputs; 36 thermocouple inputs; 18 RTD inputs; or a combination of these. The unit also incorporates a 24V DC digital input, enabling relays and triggers to be set up. A USB interface enables quick and easy software upload or download.

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