Non-contact Switch for Hygienic Switching

Schurter's TTS switches come with optical ToF (Time of Flight) technology

  • Non-contact Switch for Hygienic Switching
    Non-contact Switch for Hygienic Switching

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly increased the demand for non-contact push buttons and switches. Various studies have shown that the transmission of viruses and bacteria via surfaces exposed to constant contact with hands is high. A broad range of technologies for contactless switching are vying for the favor of developers and buyers. But not every product is suitable enough. Besides, false signals under certain conditions (e.g., splash water, rain) can be sent and this trigger unintentional switching. The optical technology ToF (Time of Flight) used in the Schurter TTS can be programmed individually, with high precision, so that malfunctions are prevented.

High reliability

The switch is programmed in a way such the standard detection distance is 60 to 0.02 mm. This ensures that wiping over or cleaning the switch surface will not trigger a switching signal. The TTS switches offer extremely high reliability. Since they have no moving parts, their lifetime runs at more than 20 million switching cycles.

Ring illumination and installation

The visual feedback is ensured by a two-color ring illumination (red/green) in the actuator, which supply voltage is between 5 and 28 VDC.
The simple installation of the TTS, which is fixed by means of a nut, and an anti-twist protection allow for easy replacement.

Areas of application

The new TTS non-contact switches can be used for a wide range of applications. They fit the use in public areas, such as in vending machines, parking systems or in sanitary areas to avoid any contact by hand. Moreover, the detection distance can also be set so that the switch can be used as a photoelectric barrier for other fields of applications.