ODVA Enhances EtherNet/IP™ Specification

It will now outline the integration of NE 107 diagnostics

  • December 6, 2019
  • ODVA Enhances EtherNet/IP™ Specification
    ODVA Enhances EtherNet/IP™ Specification

On 26 November, ODVA announced the enhancement of the existing EtherNet/IP™ Specification. This is a further step towards ODVA’s vision of fulfilling the Optimization of Process Integration, as the Specification will now outline the integration of NAMUR NE 107 diagnostics for process automation into CIP™ architectures. By using industrial Ethernet, this added capability allows users to get industry standard diagnostic and better and enables IIoT applications. 

More access to data

According to the NAMUR recommendation NE 107 for Self-Monitoring and Diagnosis of Field Devices, creating a CIP Process Device Diagnostics Object also provides a public interface to the chosen device’ diagnostics. Now that the NAMUR NE 107 status signal is available with EtherNET/IP, it will grant access to information on Failure, Function Check, Out of Specification, Maintenance Required, or None.

Additionally, the CIP Process Diagnostics will allow to group the 64 diagnoses retrieved from a device as desired. Vendors will be able to integrate specific diagnoses as required.