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Optical Special Sensors
Optical Special Sensors

ipf electronic recently introduced the OF50 optical special sensors. The two models OF500170 and OF500180 build upon the series of 'True Color' color sensors ('See colors like a person'). The devices are used in places where, for example, the surfaces of inhomogeneous objects cause problems when colors have to be identified. Structured surfaces make for gloss variability that causes difficulty for conventional color sensors. This is because depending on the level of gloss, colors are sometimes detected intensively, and sometimes less intensively. The actual color is brightened and/or 'softened' using direct reflection. This depends on respective level of gloss of the surface. In the case of the OF500170 color sensor, diffuse lighting ensures a significant reduction in the gloss effect.

The OF500180 has a connection for fiber optics. As such, the detection position does not have to be at the place where the sensor is installed, but can also be at places, where the installation space is very small. it can also be installed in explosive areas. Here, the fiber optics are fed into the area that is at risk of an explosion and the sensor is located outside of this area. In both cases, with the aid of various ancillary lenses, the OF500180 light beam can be focused in such a way that even small objects can be reliably evaluated.

Posted on July 24, 2013 - (823 views)
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