Plastic Bases/plinths

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Plastic Bases/plinths
Plastic Bases/plinths

Permitting faster enclosure design through tool-free assembly, Rittal's “Flex Block” assembly system, made of plastic, will be available for switchgear manufacturers from August 2011, parallel to the existing range with its sheet steel bases/plinths. It can be quickly assembled by simply clicking the parts together. The modules consist of sturdy corner pieces, corner covers and trim panels made of plastic, including sheet steel mounting rails and featuring the company’s system punchings. The assembly on the enclosure frame is carried out from the outside or inside. Since the pitch pattern for the interior installation of the "Flex Block" corresponds to the horizontal TS 8 enclosure profile, the same system accessories can be used. Levelling feet and castors are easily inserted into the corner pieces from below with the aid of sleeves. If the control cabinets need to be transported with a low-lift truck, the trim panels and mounting rails can easily be removed or mounted on site. The "Flex Block" can be incorporated in bays by using baying clips that are snapped into the corner pieces and so as to provide a stable connection. In addition to serving as a base element with improved cable management, climate control solutions are also conceivable in the enclosure's roof and base area, for example.

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