Pneumatically Powered Clamps

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Pneumatically Powered Clamps
Pneumatically Powered Clamps

Destaco (a Dover Corporation company) launched the Model 84A40-1/84A50-1 Power Clamps. They come in a compact double-arm design, but they can produce high force and tolerance compensation for firmly holding sheet metal together during various critical assembly applications such as welding. Stefan Eggers, Destaco’s Vice President & General Manager, Europe/Asia and Global Automotive stated: "The individually adjustable arm opening angles and tolerance-compensation feature allow for maximum flexibility, enabling our customers to minimize installation effort and changeover times, which ultimately reduces their costs."

Sealed from external contamination: can operate in harsh environments

The standard opening angle of the clamp is 90 degrees, but the opening angle of both arms is independently adjustable. Three different sets of arms are available for the smaller 84A40-1 model and four for the 84A50-1. The new double-arm power clamps have two-part sensing and are available in three different sensor variants, such as PNP and NPN. Lifetime lubrication makes the clamps practically maintenance-free.

Posted on March 19, 2020 - (335 views)
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