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Power Spring

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For rewinding and retractable applications

Power Spring
Power Spring

Ming Tai Industrial Co., a global leading manufacturer of steel strip springs, offers a wide variety of power spring and pre-stressed power springs for rewinding and retractable application, which power human life beyond imagination.

Power Spring and pre-stressed power springs are formed by winding a strip of steel on an arbor, and mounted into a case or retaining ring to create a compact power source, which drives retrieval/ retract, tensioning/loading, and counterbalancing function.

Power springs and pre-stressed power springs are mainly used in retractor mechanisms for retractable fall arresters, power cable rewinding and compressor pipes reel, seat belts.

Ming TAI Industrial Co. not only manufactures power springs and pre-stressed power springs, but also provides assembly and spring mounting service for customers to increase convenience of purchasing. Assembly and spring mounting services that Ming Tai offers include riveting, screw lock, axle assembly, welding, marking and so on.

Ming Tai sincerely recommend you consult Ming Tai's R&D engineer in initial phase of product design to research mutually the best solution to meet your application needs. If you already have a design, Ming Tai industry is also able to provide a complete assembly and mounting service for you.

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Ming Tai Industrial Co., Ltd
No.250, Sing Jhong Road Tamsui Dist. 251
251 New Taipei City - Taiwan (roc)
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Ming Tai is a professional manufacturer of steel strip spring, including conventional springs, constant force spring, constant torque spring, constant force spring for carbon brush, power spring, and variable force springs, etc.

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