Production Control System

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For use in power-plant applications


Production Control System
Production Control System

Yokogawa's CENTUM VP R5.02 production control system has been successful in gaining VGB-R170C requirements from VGB PowerTech e.V.: the independent technical association representing the interests of power plant operators and manufacturers. These requirements and rules have been consistently implemented into the CENTUM VP R5.02 system, and were checked and certified by TÜV NORD in May 2013 for compliance. VGB PowerTech has created rules and regulations in the form of directive VGB-R170C, where the demands to comply with a key technology standards with high availability and reliability are described. The rules outline complementary measures to prevent key technology failures and define function-related documentation of power-plant control and instrumentation in line with operating requirements. New VGB-R170C features in the CENTUM VP R5.02 control system include segregation of process technology sections, implementation of the KKS identification system and the VGB control function hierarchy, symbolic representation of functions, and document interlinking.

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Yokogawa Europe BV (old Address)
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Yokogawa's global network of 90 companies spans 55 countries. Founded in 1915, the US$4 billion company conducts cutting-edge research and innovation. Yokogawa is engaged in the industrial automation and control (IA), test and measurement, and other businesses segments. The European & Africa headquarters were founded in Amersfoort in the Netherlands in 1982.  Throughout Europe and Africa Yokogawa has its own sales, service and engineering operations.  Yokogawa develops and produces flowmeters at Rota Yokogawa in Germany and liquid analysers and industrial safety systems in the Netherlands.

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