Rack Industrial PCs for the Right Traceability

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The addition of a new module to its CSB-System integrated software has enabled German baby food manufacturer Töpfer to achieve full traceability of all its components and products


Rack Industrial PCs for the Right Traceability
Rack Industrial PCs for the Right Traceability

Previously Töpfer used Access and lists to deliver the necessary traceability.  Now, thanks to the introduction of two CSB-Rack industrial PCs, the company can assign SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) numbers to each product immediately after packaging. In addition, Töpfer has been able to convert the internal nomenclature for its 230 production items and now uses SSCCs to allow clear identification of material flows. 

This new process complements Töpfer’s existing meticulous raw material data collection, where a label is printed at the very start, which then accompanies the raw material throughout the production process.  Scanners capture the product at each relevant station throughout the factory, from goods receiving through production to final shipping.

In addition to the scanner data, relevant ADC data are also captured throughout all stages of production. This ensures a complete overview of the journey and handling of all the different ingredients both throughout the factory and subsequently to their final destination as well as the route taken to get there.

All procedures can be called up on-screen at the touch of a button, providing highly detailed information instantaneously, including for example information on what has happened to partially-used ingredient containers.

The CSB-System also provides GS-1 standard declarations required by retailers, and since every ID is stored in the enterprise resource planning system, EAN codes can also be printed onto the labels.

The new system means that Töpfer is able to meet all the requirements of the IFS (International Food Standards) 6 higher level and the Ordinance on Organic Farming.

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