RAPTOR EDGE: total edge-banding control

Meler’s automatic adjustment solution for edgebanding

  • RAPTOR EDGE: total edge-banding control
    RAPTOR EDGE: total edge-banding control

Raptor Edge is Meler’s automatic solution for edgebanding in the wood industry. This lip applicator is designed to prevent cross-linking of PUR adhesives and it guarantees improved productivity thanks to its agility to adapt to format change. Raptor Edge has a compact motorisation system and various configuration possibilities for an easy integration into any edge banding line. Its touchscreen external controller, MOTION, enables real time lamination width control and display. The operator adjust the lamination width to the target set point in one second and in complete safety.

Raptor Edge automatic adjustment solution is suitable for manufacturers who want to move away from the roller lamination system to a lip applicator system, more suitable for working with reactive adhesives, and who also want to optimize the time spent on changeovers.

Discover the improvement on classic Edgebanding application: Raptor Edge > info@meler.eu