RFID read/write Modules with IO-link

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Provide fast data transmission in harsh applications

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New RFID read/write modules with IO-Link from Contrinex: faster data transmission, "automatic mode" and a C44 housing with IP68/IP69K enclosure rating
New RFID read/write modules with IO-Link from Contrinex: faster data transmission, "automatic mode" and a C44 housing with IP68/IP69K enclosure rating

During SPS 2019 Contrinex showcased their robust RFID read/write modules with IO-Link. They enable faster communication through their optimized RFID firmware: they offer bit rates up to 26.5 Kbit/s and an IO-Link interface. These RWMs come in a compact C44 format (40 x 40 mm) with a read/write distance of up to 80 mm. IO-Link RWMs use ISO 15693 for communication with the RFID transponder. Integrated into the automation system via an M12 connector and IO-link, they are made suitable for Industry 4.0 applications. The electronics are housed in a robust PBTP plastic with protection class IP65/IP69K, protecting them against adverse environmental conditions in a temperature range from -25 to +80°C.

Suitable for outdoor use and for hygienic applications with WIP or CIP cleaning

Moreover, the RWMs provide the operating modes “Automatic Mode” (user friendly), “Scan UID” (in which only the user ID is read), and “Scan Read/Write (in which read and write access is possible). These functionalities save programming effort. An integrated transponder facilitates debugging and reduces maintenance work. Two alarm flags are available for predictive maintenance and can be set for different parameters such as response signal strength indicator (RSSI) or the counter of the time a transponder is within range. Last, in standard IO mode, two configurable outputs are available for signals such as “transponder present”, “data transmission OK” or “alarm signals”.

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