Right Angle LVDTs

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Right Angle LVDTs
Right Angle LVDTs

For industrial applications when a conventional LVDT linear position sensor proves too long or environmental contaminants can limit sensor performance, Macro Sensors’ right angle configurations of its spring-loaded and through bore LVDT linear position sensors not only offer a shortened unit length, but stop debris from accumulating inside the sensor body. LVDTs designed with a radially-mounted electrical connector are shorter than those with axial connectors. In addition, the bending radius of the mating cable does not add to the length. As a result, the installed length of the LVDT linear position sensors is at least 50,8 mm shorter than comparable units with an axially mounted connector for easier installation in tight spaces. A radially-mounted electrical connector also permits through-bore operation that makes the right angle LVDT accessible from both ends for better mechanical support and core guidance than with blind-bore units. Open at both ends, through-bore LVDTs can be easily cleaned of grit, dirt, dust or other contaminants for greater reliability and longer life. Rated for operation in temperatures up to 105°C, the LVDTs’ hermetically sealed versions are constructed entirely of stainless steel with coil windings sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68. They withstand pressures up to 6.89 MPa.  Available in both AC and DC configurations, DC-operated units use built-in electronics to provide the desirable features of an LVDT, such as frictionless operation and dynamic response, with the added convenience and simplicity of DC input and pre-calibrated DC output. The combination of shortened installed length, environmental resistance and long-term operation make the right angle LVDT position sensors suitable for position measurement in hostile environments containing caustic/corrosive materials or with extreme temperature variations.  Many can be found providing displacement measurement in applications for automotive factories, forges and foundries, metal fabricating machinery, paper and plastic film plants, sawmills, process automation applications, hydraulic cylinder and all types of motion control systems.

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