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Rod Type Switching Sensor

Combined with CSC controller

Posted on May 19, 2014 - ( views)

by nadiamartiniani

Santest's Model CS Series is a switching sensor adopting magneto-inductive principle without mechanical contact. Combined with CSC controller, forward/backward limit points are output; furthermore the both points can be individually adjusted by trimmer integrated in the controller. As a sensor rod is completely sealed, the sensor can be installed inside hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders. Integrated coiled inside sensor rod detect locations of movable magnet utilizing a change of inductance according to as seen in conventional lead switches and also has no mechanical wear-out, a long life and reliability can be expected. Moreover the remote adjustment for detecting points is possible because switching points can be changed by trimmer in the controller.


・Effective Stroke:15 to 1000mm

・Operating Temperature: -40 degree C to 100 degree C

・Vibration Rating :6G(40Hz 2mmp-p)

・Shock Rating: 100G 2msec

・Max pressure:35MPa(sensor rod)

・Protection Grade: IP67

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