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Seals-Shop: Expanded Portfolio

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Seals-Shop can offer more rod seals

Seals-Shop: Expanded Portfolio
Seals-Shop: Expanded Portfolio

The product portfolio has been increased over 40%, now including even more of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions quality seals. Among the new products, Seals-Shop offers more rod seals, such as Turcon® Stepseal® 2k in a variety of sizes and materials, for high static and dynamic sealing results. Learn more and order online at www.seals-shop.com – it’s convenient, quick and easy.

New Languages Addition

Since November, Seals-Shop is also available in French, Italian and Spanish. You can select your preferred option on top of the page among the five existing languages. Also, you can purchase easily by credit card and PayPal along with invoice, all of which makes the navigation and purchase even easier and quicker!

Posted on December 11, 2017 - (235 views)
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At Seals-Shop we offer a full range of sealing products to fit your application needs. All our seals are in stock and ready to be shipped across the EU within days. 

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