Servotube module

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Servotube module
Servotube module

The Servotube Module combines Copley's magnetic design and built-in position sensor to provide 350 micron position accuracy. Its industry standard 1V peak-peak sine/cosine output provides convenient feedback for many standard rotary servo motor drives. Using self-tuning Xenus and Accelnet servo amplifiers with PC-based motion engineering tools, engineers can get off to a flying start with any application. Popular drives from manufacturers such as Siemens, Parker, B&R are also supported. Electro-motive force is transferred directly to the forcer carriage without any physical contact; unlike ballscrews there are no energy storing components to introduce positioning errors caused by wind-up or backlash. The linear drive module can therefore achieve 12 micron repeatability without any additional engineering. For higher precision applications, the position resolution can be upgraded to 1 micron resolution with an integrated optical encoder.

Posted on April 1, 2009 - (158 views)
Copley Motion Systems LLC
Luckin Lane, Pipps Hill
SS14 3BW Basildon - United Kingdom
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