SPS/IPC/Drives Show – The IMS Research View

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"A vibrant atmosphere"

SPS/IPC/Drives Show – The IMS Research View
SPS/IPC/Drives Show – The IMS Research View

IMS Research recently attended the 2010 SPS/IPC/Drives show in Nuremberg, “The most important point I noted was the vibrant atmosphere”, reported John Morse, a senior analyst with the company, “there were more happy faces this year than last”, he added. Morse continued by explaining that many exhibitors had experienced faster than expected growth during 2010; adding that those whose sales revenues had not already recovered to their 2008 levels, expected them to do so by mid-2011. However, growth rates from 2011 on were expected to be lower than in 2010, as stock levels had been replenished and delayed projects had been brought back on line.
According to IMS, some of the major show topics were (Gigabit) Ethernet (also with regard to integrating this technology into drives), IE2 (High Efficiency) motors technology, software packages designed to serve a complete range of products, (e.g. PLCs, HMIs, motion controllers), as well as the increasing importance of industrial safety and security.

Posted on December 29, 2010 - (10149 views)
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