Stainless Steel Strip Spring Tube

Ming Tai Industries introduces its newly developed stainless strip spring tube: it enhances the oil seal more elastic and stretchable

  • Stainless Steel Strip Spring Tube
    Stainless Steel Strip Spring Tube

The steel strip spring tube is a circular spiral tube wound with a stainless steel strip. It can improve the sealing performance of special oil seals, and can be used for inner conduits of endoscopes to protective conduits for vehicle and industrial control lines.

Based on more than forty-five years of experience, Ming Tai Industries is pleased to introduce its newly developed stainless strip spring tube.

The spring tube is made of a stainless steel strip, which is wound around as a tube. While the high-quality stainless steel has excellent elasticity and much stretch-ability, the spring tube features more tension and elasticity. When spring tube is applied to inner part of O-ring seal, it can enhance tension of O-ring and increase the life of O-ring. 

Spring tube also can be used in static or slow dynamic applications to preserve its properties even at extremely temperature. It also maintains its characteristics even in harsh environments. The spring tube can be applied to various catheters, such as endoscopes, or industrial control wires, with excellent elasticity and stretch-ability, as well as controllability.

Ming Tai Industrial offers steel strip spring tubes available in various diameters, lengths and wide of steel strip. You are welcome to contact us for your innovation needs, or visit our website for more application information.