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New Industrial Products

Synchronous Motors

Solid shaft, hollow shaft, or integral thrust bearing

Posted on December 21, 2010 - ( views)

by Web Editor

In addition to the solid shaft model, the new generation of DST high-torque motors in sizes 135 to 400 from Baumüller is now also available with a hollow shaft or with an integral thrust bearing across the range. Integral trust bearing option withstands compressive forces up to 800 kN. Other components such as a ball bearing spindle can be contained inside the hollow shaft. Furthermore, the cooling water for a shaft or other media can be routed through. The multi-pole, permanently excited synchronous motors have a torque range of up to 32,000 Nm. They are suitable for applications which require high torques at low speeds. Protected to IP54 the motors feature a high overload capacity within a certain tolerance range. In addition, they have high rotational accuracy, while their compact design makes them ideal for incorporation in existing machine designs and for series installation in close proximity.


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