Take Your First Steps with Intelligent Cameras

Special promotion: IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit

  • Take Your First Steps with Intelligent Cameras
    Take Your First Steps with Intelligent Cameras

In October, the next free software update for the AI package IDS NXT ocean will be released. In addition to usability, the focus is also on making artificial intelligence comprehensible for the user.

The new tools Attention Maps and Confusion Matrix illustrate how the AI in the industrial cameras works and which decisions it makes. Anyone who wants to test the industrial-grade embedded vision platform IDS NXT ocean and evaluate its potential for their own applications should take a look at the IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit. It provides customers with all the components they need to create, train and run a neural network.

In addition to an IDS NXT industrial camera with 1.6 MP Sony sensor, lens, cable and tripod adapter, the package includes six months' access to the AI training software IDS NXT lighthouse. Currently, IDS is offering the set in a special promotion at particularly favourable conditions.