Temperature Compensated Oscillator 32.768 kHz

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Highly stable with integrated X-Tal and CMOS clock signal output

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Temperature Compensated Oscillator 32.768 kHz
Temperature Compensated Oscillator 32.768 kHz

Micro Crystal released the TM-2220-C7 as a plug and play temperature compensated frequency reference for applications where reliable and accurate oscillator is needed without frequency jump. TM-2220-C7 combines minimal footprint (3.2 x 1.5 x 0.8 mm) only 4 connections and excellent performances with 1.5 µA maximum current consumption associated to tight frequency stability of ± 5 ppm over full industrial temperature range. This factory calibrated device is embedded in a hermetically sealed compact reflow solderable DFN (Dual Flat No Leads) package.

Better stability performances than separate components on a PCBA

This oscillator does not require any oscillator adjustment during OEM design phase, minimizing integration constraints thus, lowering development cost and time to market. TM-2220-C7 TCXO low power module with operating voltage range of 1.1 to 3.63 V is designed for high volume and cost sensitive applications with tight space constraints where superior stability and extended operation life are required. It is suitable for asynchronous clocking in battery operated devices like IoT, healthcare, wearables, metering and automotive. The part is RoHS compliant and AEC-Q200 qualified which facilitates new design-in.

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