The New Photometers of the PCE-CP Series

pH meters for many additional measuring parameters for aqueous solutions

  • The New Photometers of the PCE-CP Series
    The New Photometers of the PCE-CP Series

PCE Instruments launched the PCE-CP series to determine a wide range of values with one easy-to-use device. The models differ in the type and number of parameters that can be measured in addition to the pH value.

To measure, 10 ml of the sample are mixed with the chemical for the parameter to be determined in a measuring cuvette of the PCE-CP series. After the reaction of the mixture, the light transmission is determined and evaluated.

The measured values which are automatically saved to the meter can be read out via the Bluetooth interface, using an Android or iOS app. The apps and the cloud service can be used free of charge. Suitable software will soon be available for Windows and MacOS.
Each PCE-CP model is supplied with an equipment bag, spare cuvette, dosing pipette, stirring rod and a starter kit of reagents. Additional accessories, for example a calibration kit, can be ordered separately.

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