Thermal Imaging Camera

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Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal Imaging Camera

Where protection of lives and assets is of the utmost importance, the new Flir A310 pt pan-and-tilt radiometric thermal imaging camera provides an efficient early warning system. The IP66 environmental specification of this camera allows it to be installed almost anywhere to monitor critical and valuable plant for differences in the thermal profile that may indicate an impending problem. It provides accurate temperature measurement so that the criticality of the situation can be quickly assessed, averting failures, preventing downtime, avoiding fires and enhancing workforce safety. The camera can pan 360◦ continuously and tilt ±45◦. This precise mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully programmable scan patterns and slew-to-alarm capability. It houses a thermal imaging - and a daylight/low light camera - the latter providing a 36x zoom - and is supplied as standard with a 15◦ and 25◦ lens; other fields of view are optionally available. This model contains all the necessary features and functions to build distributed single- or multi-camera systems to monitor large areas - such as coal piles and substations - using standard Ethernet hardware and software protocols. It is a highly affordable solution with built-in smart features such as analysis and alarm functionality. A single sensor copy of Flir Sensors Manager intuitive software is supplied with the camera allowing users to manage and control their camera in a TCP/IP network.

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