Thermocouple Input Module

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connects to a PC via a USB port

Test & Measurement

Thermocouple Input Module
Thermocouple Input Module

OMEGA offers with its UTC-USB universal thermocouple connector an easy way to convert thermocouple signals and display temperature readings on your PC through a standard USB port. The module comes with an integral cable and features a universal input connection which makes the attachment of both standard as well as miniature size thermocouple plugs possible. 8 different thermocouple types can be connected to the device. Furthermore this module provides automatic cold junction compensation and linearization. Thanks to the included free software thermocouple types and units can be selected. Temperature data can be displayed, recorded and logged on your PC.

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Posted on October 20, 2010 - (1361 views)
Omega Engineering Limited
One Omega Drive, Riverbend Technology Centre,
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