Today's Cutting-Edge Technology

Mrs. Maria Chiara Franceschetti, CEO of Gefran, gives us an overview of the first manufacturer in the world able to design and produce fluid free melt sensors

  • Today's Cutting-Edge Technology
    Today's Cutting-Edge Technology

IEN Europe: Italy is renowned in the world for the high quality of its products. The top five Italian industries that are having most success in exports are distinguished by high and cutting-edge technology. Could you tell us what is Gefran's philosophy regarding state-of-the-art products design?
Gefran's commitment to constant research and innovation, mean Gefran's products are at the cutting edge of today's technology, leading market trends. The company's close partner­ship with the major global manufacturers of machines and systems give it a solid background in providing application solutions that can meet solve the problems of its customers. The company has developed and filed numerous patents that make its products synonymous with innovation. Gefran has the full control of the production chain starting from the primary elements technology of the sensors for example through product design, implementation and final shipment to the customers.

IEN Europe: What is your most celebrated product range on the international market? How do you explain the reasons of this success?
Gefran can offer a wide range of product: sensors (position, pressure, temperature, force), components (controllers, power controllers, indicators), automation platforms and inverters for a huge number of industrial applications. Some of these products got a great success in these markets because of their high technology level and their capability to answer to the niche applications needs. For example, The Gefran's PID controller 1350 has been recently recognized with the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership. Each year, Frost & Sullivan honours this award to the companies that have developed a product with innovative features and functionality, gaining rapid acceptance in the market. The award recognizes the quality of the solution and the customer value enhancements it enables. This is the evidence of the Gefran efforts in the direction of the customer.

Gefran designs and builds sensors and electronic devices that distributes throughout the world. Which industries are the primary users of your products?
Gefran activity started 50 years ago providing sensors and electronic components in the market of plastic OEM. The company grown in terms of dimension and technology, enlarging the application fields of its devices too. Today Gefran provides solutions for mobile hydraulics, electrical furnaces, lift, metal, hoist & crane, HVAC and water markets offering dedicated products because of the importance of the application's needs.

Innovation and quality are at the basis of your strategy. What is Gefran's most recent innovation in terms of characteristic of the product? How do you ensure an high level of efficiency?
Gefran is the first manufacturer in the world able to design and produce fluid free melt sensors (mercury free). This is the result of the attention to innovation and it guarantees performance, reliability and environment respect. Gefran each year invests more than 6% of the turnover in R&D. 10% of the total workforce is dedicated to R&D activities. Gefran has a skilled and competent team dedicated to the development of new products according to the market trends and needs. Gefran usually cooperate with eminent European University and Reserch Centers. This is the reason of our success: Gefran has a deep know-how of its products and applications: the main ingredient of our success.