Traco Power Launches a New Website

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The website comes with improved navigation and functionality

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Traco Power Launches a New Website
Traco Power Launches a New Website

Traco Power’s new website ( is tailored to offer the best user-friendly experience while allowing customers to easily access and compare the full product portfolio. The website includes numerous new features to help users quickly and easily navigate in order to find the most fitted product. Florian Haas, Director of Marketing and Product management commented: “User centricity has always been at the heart of this project. Dozens of interviews and workshops with users, engineers and online experts really helped us to add new, important functions which simplify the search for the right power supply immensely.”

Easy download and previews of 3D and CAD models

Among the new features, the website includes intuitive navigation and design to reduce the number of clicks to navigate the site. The products are now well arranged in series and model overviews and are categorized by application and by category. The product search becomes instant through the “1-click” direct access to datasheets. Product filters are easy to use and allow customers to narrow down the product portfolio by selecting the key performance attributes required in the wanted product.

Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices with “app-like” mobile version

The website comprises a media section with dozens of free whitepapers, instructions, selection guides and videos. The stock-check function with live API interfaces is set to stockholding distributors worldwide. The contact page is user friendly to find Traco Power subsidiaries and distributors worldwide. Direct access to get technical support as well as application reports and success stories are available. Last, visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest Traco Power and industry news through the new NPI & News section. This section will contain richer online content such as technical tips, press releases, NPI’s, Videos, whitepapers, announcements and newsletters.

Posted on May 5, 2020 - (1190 views)
Traco Electronic AG
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6340 Baar - Switzerland
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TRACO Electronic AG, a Swiss company, is a leading power supply specialist with more than 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion products.

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