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Tube Processing Equipment
Tube Processing Equipment
FLARING - Unispeed USFL 90/37 ES
FLARING - Unispeed USFL 90/37 ES

With more than thirty years of experience within the hose and tube processing equipment industry, OP is pleased to offer to their customers a complete range of products particularly suitable for the tube processing: machines for bending stainless (AISI 316TI) and carbon steel (ST 37.4) tubes  with diameter between 5 and 50 mm; 37° and 90° flaring machines for hydraulic rigid tube ends  up to 42 mm diameter and 5 mm thickness and for the preassembling of DIN2353 rings; multifunctional units able to perform any operation necessary to prepare hydraulic rigid tubes.

The bending machine C50ES can bend tubes with external diameter of max. 50 mm, with a max. bending angle of 180°, the bending time at 90° is of 6 seconds, with a bending angle tolerance of 1° max.
Each toolset can be easily changed without any setting or special devices.  

Unispeed USFL 90/37 ES is the machines ideal for 37° and 90° flaring of hydraulic rigid tube ends.
The machine, that requires only one tool change to carry out the flaring operations, uses a cold orbital forming process to create a flat and smooth sealing surface at 90° and 37° with a suitable rugosity for the O-Ring seal.
It can be fully programmed and set, with the possibility of recalling recipes previously set.
It is equipped with front tool-holder and tool automatic lubrication system.

The USFL 90/37 ECO is the basic version of USFL 90/37ES.
This model is supplied without electronic control with touch screen and with reduced motor power of 2,38 kW.
The model USFL 24/37ES allows preassembling DIN2353 rings and 37° flaring of hydraulic tubes up to 42 mm diameter and a maximum thickness of 4 mm. The machine is equipped with a double working level: an upper level for bends up to 180° and a lower one for standard tubes.

Both machines are equipped with color display and touch screen that optimize the work process and makes the machines particularly suitable for volume production.

The new USFL01ES is the new machine for DIN2353 cutting rings preassembling and 37° JIC rigid tubes flaring up to 42 mm and 4 mm thickness, provided with automatic identification of the tool and automatic pressure setting, so it’s particualrly suitable for series production.

CENTER MAXI is a mobile multifunctional unit, composed of a bending machine C50ES and a flaring machine USFL24/37ES.
The machine is also equipped with a deburring machine S02 with diam. 6-42 mm  internal and external tools (that can be placed in the suitable holder) and a cutting machine which has a blade capable of a capacity up to diam. 125 mm.
The electronic control ensures enhanced performance and makes the new Center Maxi particularly suitable for volume production of hydraulic rigid tubes.

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