UHF Read/Write Head

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  • UHF Read/Write Head
    UHF Read/Write Head

UHF read/write heads from Pepperl+Fuchs offer a higher range than LF and HF read/write systems, since the UHF technology communicates in the far field using "detached" waves and the LF/HF systems work in the near field. The range can be varied by changing the antenna design and the transmitted power. In addition to the existing F117 UHF antenna with a range of up to 6 m, we now offer a very compact solution specifically tailored to applications in production technology and intralogistics where the read distance of the LF and HF systems is not sufficient. The new F190 UHF read/write head is the good solution for applications where installation space is limited. The typical read range of 0.2 m to 1.5 m can bridge most distances to tags and cover additional tolerances. Since the detection range is adjustable, this permits selective reading of the required tag. The design of the UHF read/write head is not only compact but also extremely robust thanks to its metal lower section with encapsulated electronics and the antenna bonded into the upper part. This is confirmed by the industrial connection via M12 plug and the high IP67 protection.

The UHF read/write head can be used in applications where reading multiple tags simultaneously is required, for example, to identify multiple individual products with tags in a container. This significantly reduces the reading effort. UHF tags are available as low-cost adhesive labels, providing a cost-effective way to integrate suppliers into the process sequence. The new UHF read/write head has a similar command structure to all other read/write heads that can be connected to the IDENTControl, which makes integrating it into the control software very simple. To assist with commissioning, we will be offering our customers the free RFID Control software, which enables devices to be parameterized, diagnostic data to be retrieved, and test mode to be started if no controller is available yet. The multicolored and redundant LED displays make commissioning easier by providing information on the current device status.

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