Ultra-Compact Size and High Performance - MDWI15 Series

15W DC-DC Converter with High Power Density

  • Ultra-Compact Size and High Performance - MDWI15 Series
    Ultra-Compact Size and High Performance - MDWI15 Series

The MDWI15 series by MINMAX is the latest generation of isolated DC-DC converter modules specifically designed for industrial use. With a power density of up to 74W per cubic inch (W/in3), it delivers a total of 15W in a small DIP-16 package that occupies only 0.5 square inches of PCB space, achieving a significant innovation in size and helping those who need to mitigate critical space constraints. The MDWI15 series, a 15W DC-DC converter, has been widely used in numerous applications such as motion controllers, intelligent inspection robots, unmanned vehicles, charging piles, etc., and is very popular among MINMAX customers.

Thanks to the advanced circuit topology, the 15W MDWI15 series DC-DC converter can maintain high stability in overall efficiency, power loss, and heat generation regardless of internal and external condition variations, offering efficiency up to 87% and an instantaneous load capacity. The optimal operating temperature range for the 15W MDWI15 series is from -40°C to 85°C. If customers desire better heat dissipation, MINMAX power module manufacturers can provide optional heat sinks and more flexible designs according to your needs.

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