UniStream®, Award-Winning Programmable Controllers with Integrated HMI, by Unitronics

Any UniStream PLC+HMI or stand-alone PLC offers incredible functionality - and can be ordered with an embedded IIoT subscription

  • UniStream®, Award-Winning Programmable Controllers with Integrated HMI, by Unitronics
    UniStream®, Award-Winning Programmable Controllers with Integrated HMI, by Unitronics

UniStream, the powerful, award-winning controllers by Unitronics, are available in three series. These feature-rich PLCs deliver the functionality needed to control complex machines—and any model of any series can be ordered as a UniStream Cloud controller, supplied with an embedded, 5-year subscription to UniCloud, the Do-it-Yourself, no-code, IIoT Cloud Platform for OEMs & Machine Builders. Perfect for high-end automation projects, the line includes: 

  • UniStream Modular:  the unique design enables users to create a customized, all-in-one controller in 3 steps: select an HMI touchpanel, add a powerful CPU, and snap on the required I/O or communication modules. 
  • UniStream Built-in: superbly compact, all-in-one controllers, where the PLC, HMI touchscreen, and I/Os are built into a single unit, available in a range of built-in I/O configurations.
  • UniStream PLC: stand-alone PLCs with unique Virtual HMI - the PLC stores & runs both program logic & HMI user application, enabling users to view & operate machines via mobile phone, PC, or remote display device.

The result of over 30 years of experience in PLC development and automation, UniStream combines field-proven technology with the strongest trends in automation to benefit users via:

  • Communications: plug & play fieldbus such as Ethernet/IP, MODBUS, CANopen; advanced communications – OPC UA, REST API, MQTT, Webserver, GPRS, FTP, SNMP, SQL & more.
  • Programming: cut time up to 50% with UniLogic® award-winning software, the all-in-one single environment for PLC, HMI, IO, & Motion applications, all hardware setup, commissioning, configuration, & all communications. The software's predictive capabilities save time in defining I/O points, PID, and other functions. Drag & drop, Ready-Made Motion code, and re-use options for existing code make programming quick and easy.
  • Sophisticated HMI: supports Video, Audio, & PDF files; drag & drop graphic library included
  • Powerful Remote Access: Unitronics controllers, VFDs, & Servos enable users to perform remotely any task that does not require a screwdriver, via mobile or PC web browser, VNC, or UniCloud’s secure tunnel utility.
  • Expandability: UniStream supports up to 2,048 local & remote I/O
  • IIoT via UniCloud: the simple, efficient way for OEMs to take advantage of IIoT, Big Data, and expand into the cloud—no need to rely on programmers, IT, or Cloud professionals

It is the top of its class with one of the best user experiences on the market today. Unitronics provides all software, including a graphic library, & technical support at no extra charge.

To learn more, head to: https://www.unitronicsplc.com/programmable-controllers-unistream-series/