Vibration Data Loggers of the PCE-VT 3900 Series

With FFT analysis and route measurement

  • Vibration Data Loggers of the PCE-VT 3900 Series
    Vibration Data Loggers of the PCE-VT 3900 Series

The compact vibration meters PCE-VT 3900 and PCE-VT 3900S from PCE Instruments are equipped with extensive functions for measuring and evaluating vibration parameters. This includes, among other things, the FFT analysis of vibration and the direct classification of vibration displacement and vibration velocity of machine vibration according to ISO 10816-3.

With the convenient route measurement function, the mobile vibration meters are ideally suited for periodic monitoring of machines and components that are susceptible to vibration, even in extensive systems. With the rechargeable LiPo battery, measuring times of 15 up to 20 hours are possible, depending on the display brightness.

The vibration sensors are equipped with a ¼" - 28 UNF thread and can therefore be screwed directly onto measuring spots or extended with a magnet adaptor or measuring tip.  With the help of the measuring tip, the vibration of components that are difficult to access can also be recorded directly.


Here is an overview of the most important specifications:

  • FFT analysis
  • route measurement
  • ISO 10816-3 evaluation
  • values as RMS, PEAK, PEAK-PEAK or crest factor
  • vibration acceleration: 0.0 ... 399.9 mm/s²
  • vibration velocity: 0.0 ... 399.9 mm/s
  • vibration displacement: 0.0 ... 3.69 mm

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