Visual Inspection with Plug & Inspect™ Technology

Plug & play vision inspection

  • The Inspekto S70
    The Inspekto S70

Inspekto, a company specialized in the machine vision sector, has developed the technology Plug & Inspect™, the first integration-free technology for visual quality inspection, which eliminates costly integration and customized developments happening in traditional machine vision projects in industrial plants. Plug & Inspect™ runs three AI engines working in tandem, merging computer vision, deep learning and real-time software optimization technologies to achieve true plug-and-play vision inspection.

Self-learning, self-setting and self-adapting

INSPEKTO S70, is a standalone product for visual inspection that is self-learning, self-setting and self-adapting. Out-of-the-box and ready to use, it can be set up in 30 to 45 minutes, using only 20 good sample items and no defective ones. The S70 can address the whole range of mid to complex vision inspection tasks, in any product.

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