Vortex Flow Meter

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Vortex Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter

Sierra Instruments introduces a cryogenic version of the Innova-Mass multivariable mass vortex flow meter. This flow meter has been specifically developed for measuring mass flow rates of cryogenic fluids down to -200°C. Thanks to a special cryogenic temperature RTD, mass calculations can be done using the latest density equations of state for liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, and CO2. The models 240 and 241 measure the following five process variables through one process connection: mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, pressure and density. The Reynolds number can be dynamically calculated and the flow profile effects in large pipes can be calculated in real time. Therefore the model 241 can make reliable measurements in large pipes up to 72 inches.

Edited by: Filip Burm

Posted on August 31, 2010 - (1152 views)
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