VPX Dual Processor Node

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Simplified data flow management


VPX Dual Processor Node
VPX Dual Processor Node

Kontron has announced the availability of an additional SKU of its 6U VPX dual processor node VX6060 with 16 GB soldered ECC RAM; several significant programs are already utilizing a cluster of these powerful processor nodes. All versions support the the company’s VXFabric API for IP based data transport over PCI Express to accelerate application development. OEMs benefit from a performance boost and simplified data flow management in high performance embedded computing (HPEC) applications based on 6U VPX/OpenVPX architectures and can begin with the development and deployment of high memory architectures based on Intel Core i7 technology. Each of the independently implemented dual-core Intel Core i7 processing nodes have full access to 8 GB ECC RAM. Through this enhanced memory capacity, extensive application data can be hosted in the low latency RAM without the need for reloading data from high latency mass storage devices. Additionally, data buffering and inter-board dataflow benefit from the extended memory resources, simplifying resource-management and improving overall application performance. Application domains for this architecture include radar, sonar, imaging systems, airborne fighters and UAVs. The two processing nodes are connected via PCI Express to each other and to the data plane. By using VXFabric, OEMs can implement efficient inter-board communication at hardware speed, leveraging PCI Express for the highest bandwidth. Kontron VXFabric simplifies the complex task of data flow management. It is equivalent to an Ethernet network infrastructure mapped over a switched PCI Express fabric. It implements the layers allowing the user to handle the communication with an IP socket programmatic interface. This API allows direct access to all classic protocols like TCP or UDP. Furthermore, VXFabric requires no modification of the existing applications, which helps reduce development efforts and simplifies migration to the new VPX architecture. Additionally, an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch on the VX6060 serves as an interconnect to the control plane. Combined with the power of 6U VPX backplane infrastructure, the VX6060 enables a new range of outstanding HPEC applications using only standard technology (Linux or RTOS on x86 and TCP/IP) for a shorter time to market. The 6U VPX dual processing node is available in forced air cooled and conduction cooled versions. It comes with PowerMP, a collection of off-the-shelf software featuring complex computer cluster health management and a stress test tool allowing computer qualification prior to the final application availability, a key asset to shorten large program development time. PowerMP software is used today in UAVs, radars and sonars throughout the world, where it runs on current and  previous generations of Kontron VME and CompactPCI computing nodes.The VX6060 comes with EFI BIOS and supports Linux and VxWorks 6. For rapid prototyping, simple system build and software development, a turnkey 6U VPX system based on the Kontron VX6060, the EZ2-VX6060, is offered.

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Posted on May 16, 2011 - (1271 views)
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