Waterpilot FMX167 hydrostatic level sensor

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designed for use in saltwater

Sensor Technology

Waterpilot FMX167 hydrostatic level sensor
Waterpilot FMX167 hydrostatic level sensor

For water-resistant hydrostatic measurements in saltwater applications, there is now the Waterpilot FMX167 rope probe. This special coated version is available in three different outer diameters: 29mm, ideal for level measurement in the shipbuilding industry, 22mm for use in water drinking applications and 42mm for wastewater and sewage treament plants applications. It has an easy-to-clean flushmounted diaphragm. A wide range of accessories is available, such as displays, power supplies, transmitters and recorders. The Waterpilot features 9 permanently calibrated measuring ranges from 0.1 bar to 20 bar, potted electronics and a 2-filter pressure anti-condenstion system providing protection against the elements. Both waterproof and weatherproof, it provides integrated overvoltage protection to guarantee maximum security.

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