Wraptor A6500 Wire Identification Printer Applicator

Increase production output by identifying cables in 5 seconds

  • Wraptor A6500 Wire Identification Printer Applicator
    Wraptor A6500 Wire Identification Printer Applicator

The Brady Wraptor A6500 is a great tool to control manufacturing cost and enhance identification quality by automatically printing and applying labels. It identifies cables in 5 seconds, eliminates the need to print labels in advance and the time needed to apply them by hand. The Wraptor’s technology enables 300 dpi prints for barcodes, logos and diagrams, and a tight label wrap around the wire, with minimal bubbling or wrinkling.


  • can greatly increase production output by printing and applying wrap-around cable labels in 5 seconds
  • is easy to operate because it can identify a wide range of cables between 1.52 mm and 15.24 mm diameter via a modern user interface with full colour touch screen
  • is easy to implement in a variety of production environments thanks to USB ports and ethernet connectivity
  • can be used with Brady Workstation apps to design, print and apply a wide range of labels
  • allows saving and processing commonly used labels
  • can be integrated with Schleuniger Cut & Strip Machines

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