XPR Rotational Torch Sleeves

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For bevel and robotic cutting applications

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XPR Rotational Torch Sleeves
XPR Rotational Torch Sleeves

These three series of torch sleeves for XPR plasma cutting torches and lead sets from Hypertherm are ideal for bevel or 3D/robotic cutting applications when using an XPR170 or XPR300 X-Definition Plasma systems, that are the only two X-Definition capable systems. Made for shipbuilding, manufacturing and automotive repair applications, they enable the torch and lead sets to remain axially fixed while the torch holding device rotates 360 degrees in both clockwise directions, so that the torch lead life is improved.

An extended life and high surface finish

These sleeves are available in short, medium and extended lengths, with an outside diameter of 76 mm that allows for an increased wall thickness and eliminates compression caused by clamping. They are protected from dirt caused by plasma cutting and got their life extended through high precision bearings that reduce axial play by 90 percent and radial play by 81 percent. They also contain patent-pending processes as Vented Water Injection™, plasma dampening and Cool Nozzle technologies for squarer cut edges, less angularity and high surface finish on non-ferrous metals.

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