YOKOGAWA’s Global virtual event Y NOW 2021

Learn from Innovators and Technology Strategists

  • YOKOGAWA’s Global virtual event Y NOW 2021
    YOKOGAWA’s Global virtual event Y NOW 2021

Yokogawa’s worldwide live event "Y NOW 2021" will take place from November 2-4, 2021. Register now and learn how corporate leaders have successfully planned, managed and implemented digital transformations in their organizations. Yokogawa research shows that by 2030 a majority of companies in the process industry expect to implement autonomous operations.

Y NOW 2021 will feature the latest technologies to support customers in joining this global shift.

The event will specifically focus on agility, autonomy, and sustainability in five key areas of interest: supply chain management, asset performance management, energy and production management, operational risk management and new technology deployment, including advanced data analytics, Cloud, Edge, and IIoT.

Presentation topics will range from single unit solutions making small steps on the journey towards autonomy up to major undertakings that display real-life experience in highly complex integrations, and which represent significant steps forward in the industry.

To register for the virtual event or to obtain further information, please visit the website