Sunday, 19 February 2017

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Industrial Datasheets

Snap-in IP67 Connectors

Colour coded

Industrial Electronics

A further enlargement of the 620 series by Binder has now been realized through the coloured male and female contact carriers of the cable and...

Programmable Power Supplies

Include 600W models

Industrial Electronics

TDK Corporation announces that 600W models have been added to its TDK-Lambda Z+ Series of programmable DC power supplies. Complementing the Z+200,...

Hinged-shaped Safety Switches

In stainless steel

Industrial Electronics

Pizzato Elettrica has recently introduced its new HX series stainless steel safety hinged switches. Thanks to the use of AISI 316L stainless...

External Desktop Power Supplies

Updated to latest International / European standards

Industrial Electronics

GlobTek now has updated European Nemko and CB Certificates and reports for GT-41082-T2 and -T3(A) CB Series to latest EN 60950-1:2006;A11;A1;A12...

Protection Against Overvoltage

Devices that are modular in design

Industrial Electronics

In addition to the effects of lightning strikes, over-voltages can occur in industrial applications and communication systems due to the use...

Programmable Digital Thermostat

With selectable relay or SSR control output

Industrial Electronics

ENDA ETC 9420 from Sisel is programmable digital thermostat based on a microprocessor with a selectable relay or SSR control output for On/Off,...

DC/DC Converter Power Supply

Provides 5V DC regulated output

Industrial Electronics

GlobTek announces the release of it's latest Vehicle/Automotive mounted DC/DC converter power supply which provides 5V DC regulated output to...


Safe at minus 40 degrees Celsius

Industrial Electronics

Very low temperature can lead to embrittlement of plastics and metals, restrict the functionality of switches and fusegear or make them unsafe....

Explosion-Protected Hand Lamp for Zone 0

With associated induction charger unit

Industrial Electronics

Cooper Crouse-Hinds has extended its range of explosion-protected portable safety lamps with a new LED torch that is certified for use in ATEX...

Plug-In Current Transformers

For various primary currents up to 1,000 A

Industrial Electronics

The 855 Series Plug-In Current Transformers from Wago are UL Recognized Components. Suitable for 230 V, 400 V and 690 V low-voltage applications,...

Buffer Modules

Stability in power supply systems

Industrial Electronics

Voltage fluctuations and drops are a common problem in complex power supply systems. They can also cause some serious failures which mean production...

Power Supply Unit

Starting large loads easily

Industrial Electronics

Murrelektronik presents the new power supply unit named Emparro. The combination of the Power Boost function with a power limiter output allows...

Lockable Power Cord

Comply with Swiss safety standard

Industrial Electronics

Schaffner has adapted the power cord family IL13 according to the new requirements of Swiss safety standard. The Swiss version of the power cord...

Passive Filters

For space-critical applications

Industrial Electronics

Schaffner is further expanding its power quality product offering with new passive harmonic filters. The series FN3416 (50Hz) and FN3418 (60Hz)...

Digital Input / Output Module

Enhanced functionality

Industrial Electronics

Bachmann electronic provided the DIO280 digital input and output module with an extended range of functions: The integrated counters and outputs...

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