HBM Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH
Im Tiefen See 45
64293 Darmstadt - Germany
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Supplier's articles
Power Analyzer and Data Acquisition System for Testing Electrical Drives
New C6B force transducer from HBM
Special Strain Gauges
New Measuring Module GEN2tb Enables Convenient and Flexible Entry into Data Acquisition with Ultra-High Sampling Rates
Robust, Easy to Clean, and Compatible with the Z6 Market Standard
Just Two Clicks to Get Your Measurement Result
"All-Inclusive" Torque Transducer
Miniature Force Washer
Rugged Data Recorder
T12HP Torque Transducer
Modular Measuring Amplifier System
Digital Scale Display
Reference Transducer
Measuring Amplifiers
Shaft Coupling
Optical Strain Gages
Universal Industrial Amplifier
Data Acquisition System
Piezoelectric Force Washer
Digital Transducer Electronics
Digital Charge Amplifier
Digital Scale Display
Analysis Software
Portable Data Recorder
Data Acquisition Package
Piezoelectric Force Washers
Ultra high-speed data acquisition
digiCLIP amplifier system
P3IC absolute pressure transducer
Precix single point load cell
C16i digital load cell
TIM 40 Torque Interface Module
T40 torque flange